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Pioneers in Mediterranean Ready Meals

Since the inception in 2002, our goal has been to create ready-made solutions that at the same time are tasty, beneficial and sustainable. It all started with a small catering business in Stockholm, with a specialty to prepare modern dishes based on millennial recipes from the Eastern Mediterranean. Today we can call ourselves pioneers in Sweden in ready meals from the Mediterranean.

One producer – a thousand flavours

For one decade Bosphorus Food Cluster has developed fresh and innovative food concepts for the requirements of our time. Our story took off fifteen years ago when we started up a small catering business in Stockholm. In the beginning, our specialty was to prepare modern dishes based on ancient recipes from eastern Mediterranean. Since then we have continued our quest to convey quality of life through creating unique ready-made food concepts.

Today Bosphorus is a full-service provider throughout Sweden, with a wide range of chilled ready meals and foods. Our great passion for food drives and inspires us to offer varied fresh food – always in the highest possible quality.

We know that when you add ingredients with love and care they come out with the best flavor. This is why we prepare all food with naturally healthy ingredients, natural sustainability and no added preservatives. Our products are an obvious choice in the modern ready-to-eat counter and with the food-conscious consumer.

Fresh food is, as we all know, already an established segment and in constant progress in the food industry. The level of food consciousness with the end consumer has increased due to climate change, environmental awareness and health benefits associated with food. The enhanced awareness around food production and our food choices – both globally, nationwide and not the least locally – are something we who work at Bosphorus highly value and encourage.

Bosphorus is certified according to FSSC 22000, a combination of ISO 22000 and IS / TSS 22002-1 standard. This means that there are clearly defined guidelines for how quality work is to be pursued and developed in Bosphorus AB.

We are constantly working on the development of nutritional content, the raw products, ingredients and, in particular, the addition of additives to the EU Ecological List. We have developed our own guidelines regarding GMOs, industrially produced trans fats and flavor enhancers (such as glutamate). Instead of using those we invest in vegetable-based dishes where the raw products are nutritional and KRAV-labeled. In our non-vegetarian products all meat and poultry comes from Swedish farms.

We are in control of all the steps in the producing-chain and we are
meticulous to secure all aspects of the process. The raw material's origin is controlled by carefully selected suppliers, we process all the dishes in our own food plant and we work actively with developed guidelines to prevent health hazards. Product Safety is something we are proud of!

The Bosphorus family

Today Bosphorus is one of the medium-sized producers in the refrigerated food segment. Our long-term commitment, the construction of a safe food plant and a production line of high standards are reflected in all our products. The Bosphorus Food Cluster have the best prerequisites for shaping a significant role in the development towards a sustainable future. We believe that participation, dialogue and quality go hand in hand. Together with amazing employees we have created a food oasis with a tons of heart and passion.

Welcome aboard our food journey.

/ Serdar Öztenar, CEO